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Founder: Regina Boros SE, Hungary, Budapest


November 23, Saturday, 11AM - 8 PM, Põhjala tehas

Tallinn independently organise the overwhelmingly successful international Black Food Festival, after agreeing with the international team on the project adaptation. 

The first Tallinn Black Food Festival is to be held on November 23. 

Unlike previous festivals – the first was held in Berlin last year, followed by Tel Aviv, Helsinki, New York and Istanbul with resounding success – the festival in Tallinn will not be externally organised by the international team, but by the Estonian team, by two brands Oma Maitse magazine and Elamusstuudio event management agency.

During New York’s Black Food Festival, many countries indicated that they would like to organise similar events, and Tallinn was the first location with which we reached an agreement,” said Regina Boros, the festival’s founder. 

We first heard about the event in Helsinki and immediately fell in love with the concept, and kept following the project ever since. We immediately knew that we had to make it happen in Tallinn, too, since the Estonian public is extremely open to innovation and novel, creative ideas. We contacted the Black Food Festival team and managed to make a deal with them very quickly and efficiently,” said the Estonian team representor Karin Lillemaa.

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Read the interview with the founder of the Festival:

Musta toidu festivali looja Regina Boros räägib kokkamiskirest ja sellest, kuidas musta värvi toit vallutab maailma.

Black Food Festival team participation of the Event in Tallinn is powered by the Embassy of Hungary in Tallinn.