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Nairobi Black Food Festival: Gallery

NAIROBI Black Food Festival

Nairobi Black Food Festival in cooperation with Pamellah Oduor‘s Let’s Cook Kenyan Meals Community and Mombasa Farmers' And Artisans' Market


J's Fresh Bar & Kitchens

October 20, 2019.


Black Food Festival is coming to Nairobi and promises ‘black treats’ like never seen before
/ Business Insider by Pulse, GEORGE TUBEI 09/25/2019 

How the first ever Black Food Festival held in Africa went down in Nairobi /

Business Insider by Pulse, GEORGE TUBEI 10/21/2019 


Black Honey Bree’s Bees
Black Spices Taste Afrique - Chibundiro
Dark Peanut Powder Delish & Nutri Ltd
Black Cakes Cake Ville

Black Samosa, Tortilla Chips, Hot Dog, Buns Funky Munch

BlackFermented Uji, Kirurio Meru

Black Vegetables and Fresh Box Africa Farmers Club
Activated Charcoal, Face mask, Black Castor Oil, Blackstrap Molasses, Propolis Suspension, Black chia seeds Eastnat FOODS Limited

Black Martini Cocktail, Black battered fried calamari, Black Mussels, Black Chicken Salad
J's Fresh Bar & Kitchen

Black Ready to Eat TOFU

Black Moringa seeds, Moringa powder, Moringa oil, Agrinutrition

Black Macaron, Black Food Festival Team

Black Coffee, Beverage ThreeSixty

Black Raspberry and other special black fruits and vegetables, Stephen Mwanzia, Fruit farm

Glyko's Fresh Yoghurt

Fashion and design:
Imani Collective
Popylol n' Shixzey
Eagle crafts
BanoTano Publishing
Pretty homes interior decor

Toto Wraps Young Mother Africa

Akusi Organics

Marwa Codi

Black Bunny Mask, Black T-shirts and jumpers by the Black Food Festival Team

Jars - Terry & Pat Interiors
Threads & Crochets

The Black Food Festival of Nairobi is concentrating on a new, modern way of cooking, and a healthy way of eating. The ‘black’ theme separates it from commonly accepted food colours. Black has a unique meaning in the food sector – it’s new, it’s strange, and it’s different from other known types of food. It is a niche of the food market. And the coloured foods, the naturally coloured fruits and vegetables, are not just decorative materials; most of them have positive health effects as well. The Black Food Festival is a newcomer into the world of food and the cooking industry. Black, purple, brown and dark blue meals are very new everywhere, all around the world.
New York, Berlin, Helsinki, Tel-Aviv, Istanbul and Budapest loved to see the new direction of food at previous successful Black Food Fesivall events. We want to hail the small artisan kitchens (food handcrafters of Kenya)  as the foundation of Kenyans’ daily meals as well as handcrafted artisanal products such as jewelry, accessoriess. We want to boost this new colour to the improving Kenyan food sector through its flagship, the Let’s Cook Kenyan Meals group, and through its inventor Pamellah Oduor.

Nairobi Black Food Festival: About
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