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Our Story

Black Food Festival like many great things, started from a simple idea in 2016. Founder Regina Boros, a food enthusiast and food blogger from Budapest, Hungary, wanted to create a space for culinary creatives to experiment with flavours, ingredients, in a like-minded environment. After some planning and fine-tuning, the first Black Food Festival popped up in November 2018 in Budapest, to a huge success. Due to popular demand, Black Food Festival took to the road and began a global tour visiting over 20 cities in a 24-month period, organising events and supporting franchise partners to realise Black Food events all over the world.

What Is "Black Food"? 

Black food isn’t just artificially colored, regular food. Some of the most sought after ingredients are black: from the finest coffee, decadent dark chocolate, luscious black berries, to traditional balsamic vinegar that has been made for centuries using traditional methods.

​The first festival debuted in Budapest (November 2018), and received great success and the Berlin, Tel Aviv, Helsinki, New York, Istanbul events followed. The Black Food Festival organising team is welcoming any partners, sponsors and exhibitors fitting to the black concept. 


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