What is Black Food Festival?

The Black Food Festival was born out of curiosity for international cuisines and the experimental nature of culinary minds across the globe. 



We are deeply sad to announce that our event Budapest Black Food Festival 21 of March has been postponed.

New date and details TBA

Program &  Vendors: 
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in Hungarian

Budapest Black Food Festival Facebook Event

We are celebrating the premiere Vegan Dark Food Festival in Atlanta on 27 June, 2021

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Upcoming Events
Budapest Black Food Festival
Off Kultúrszövőgyár
Vegan Dark Food Festival Atlanta
Location is TBD

Our Previous Black Food Festivals

Tallinn, Estonia
November 23, 2019

Kigali, Rwanda
October 26, 2019

Venue: Kigali Serena Hotel

See pictures

Nairobi, Kenya

October 20, 2019

London, England

September 22, 2019

Istanbul, Turkey
June 9, 2019

New York, USA
May 19, 2019

Helsinki, Finland
March 31, 2019

Tel Aviv, Israel
February 7, 2019

Berlin, Germany
December 9, 2018

Budapest, Hungary
November 4, 2018



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"The Black Food Festival made its way to Tel Aviv on Thursday, setting up shop at the Cuckoo’s Nest Tel Aviv Bar and Art gallery in Jaffa, with some 20 exhibitors giving hundreds of attendees a mouthful of tasty creativity, all made with natural ingredients like coffee, cacao, and beans for that black color."


ECOMUM, Helsinki

"What does Helsinki have in common with Budapest, Berlin, Tel-Aviv, New York and London? How about hamburgers, risotto, ice-cream, tacos, macarons and cocktails – a la black! Helsinki has jumped on-board the black food trend, and been eagerly plotting a plan to join its dark allies, premiering Helsinki Black Food Festival on 31st of March 2019."



"What's more goth than wearing black?
How about eating black? If the very thought sends a shiver up your spine, you might consider making haste for the grimly fiendish New York Dark food Festival, which debuts in Williamsburg. Hungry darkwavers (and everyone else) will know the existential joy of indulging in everything from black sesame ice cream, to black garlic and of course, black chocolate - as well as an array of inventive and innovative dishes that experiment with, naturally, the color black."



Pictures of our previous festivals.